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Property management law firm in Greece

Real property management services

The management of real estate, especially large ones, can be stressful for the owner and deprive him of the valuable time from the engagement with his work, his family or himself. Furthermore, proper management of real property requires sophisticated and modern legal knowledge, which is usually not available to the majority of owners. This service is particularly useful for the Greek diaspora and non-residents, who own real estate in Greece, but because of the distance, are unable to manage it properly. Our law firm has extensive experience in real property management.

Property Transactions

We handle all the purchase and sale process of real estate on behalf of our client via a notary, embassy or consular power of attorney for residents abroad.

Renting your property

We make every effort for the rental of your property by any means (assignment to broker, publication on specialized websites, etc.). For the lease we take into account many factors, such as i) the credit worthiness of the prospective tenant, ii) the total time, he intends to rent - pledge the property, iii) the number of people staying in the property, iv) the possession of pets (how many and what kind) and of course v) the amount of the monthly rent!

We prepare specialized leasing agreements and record the details of the lease on the website of the General Secretariat for Information Systems of the Ministry of Finance. The real estate lease either by "booth"-type leases or without writing a private tenancy agreement, but only with the registration of the lease data on the website of the General Secretariat for Information Systems of the Ministry of Finance, creates serious problems which can be encountered by owners in the future. All terms of a private tenancy agreement are essential and should be adapted to the needs of the lease.

We check for the strict application of the terms of the tenancy agreement including the timely and proper payment of the rent and contact the tenant in case of violation of these terms. If the tenant does not comply, despite our repeated requests, we will take on an enforcement order (judgment, order of payment, lease return order) and evict him from the rented property.

Check, protection and preservation of the factual and legal situation of your property

We declare your properties on the website of the General Secretariat for Information Systems of the Ministry of Finance (E9 statement). The property status declaration (E9 statement) the real rights of natural and legal persons in property, such as full ownership, bare ownership, usufruct, etc. It is no coincidence that in Greece the majority of real estate is registered incorrectly, which has an immediate effect also to the calculation of state taxes, which their ownership is deducted on. Usually errors in the declaration of property status are discovered when a transfer of the property to a new owner is imminent and the necessary corrections must be made, which are time consuming and entail fines, extraordinary expenses and inconvenience.

We check your properties for legal defects, through a study and research of property titles in the relevant Land Registries and Cadastral Agencies.

We bring an action and application for interim measures for the protection of the possession and ownership in case of disruption in any kind of property (plot, land parcel, apartment, store, building).

We maintain your properties in excellent condition with the performance and supervision of the necessary repairs and rehabilitation.

We check periodically your land parcels and plots for protection from encroachment. If necessary, we bring an action to stop the completion of the required time allocation for acquisition of ownership by adverse possession. This check is particularly useful for residents abroad, who cannot exercise supervision in their buildings themselves. Any neglect to check the actual situation of a property can lead to a loss of its legal ownership.

Feel free to contact us to receive an offer for the management of your property. Benefit from our knowledge and experience in this area and ensure the maintenance of your property in a condition which is safe and able to provide you with income.