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Greek bill of exchange

Debt collection services

The delegation of the collection of overdue claims (from invoices, bills of exchange, cheques, promissory notes, private agreements, etc.) is a decision to be taken by the company after careful consideration and balancing of many factors.

Our firm provides integrated overdue receivables recovery services, making all those legal steps necessary to insure your claim, even if the debtor has no assets.

Experience and knowledge of the subject

Our long experience and deep knowledge of the enforcement of law, starting from the issuance of the payment order and ends until the collection of money for our client from the Deposits and Loans Fund following the auction, guarantees the successful handling of your case.

Processing of cases throughout Greece

Within the collection of overdue claims our law firm cooperates with fellow lawyers and bailiffs throughout Greece.


Our excellent organization minimizes the risk of error in the process, such as for example the expiry of a deadline of the many, which must be complied, which will result in a limitation of your claim.

Possibility of handling large number of cases

We are able to handle very large volumes of overdue claim recovery cases simultaneously, and because of our long experience in this field, we can take the necessary actions within a narrow time-frame.

Checking your case developments at all times

By cooperating with us you will always have control of your cases, since, on one hand we notify you via email after the completion of each significant action (e.g. issuance of payment order, service of decision to the debtor, finality of judgement, confiscation etc.) and on the other hand you can watch the progress of your cases even online, at any time.

Personal contact

Despite the fully automated and organized process of collection of outstanding claims and the optimum use of technology for your information, we are always available to provide you with any additional information you need for your cases and solve any queries that you may have.

Settlement of irrecoverable debts

If the debtor lacks sufficient assets to be divested or shows willingness to compromise, we seek the settlement of his debt, by negotiating the most beneficial repayment terms for you.

Handling of cases with discretion

We seek to collect your debts without bringing you in a difficult position with your debtors, since we exhaust every means of conciliation before proceeding to confiscate their assets and placing them to be auctioned. We do not overlook the fact that you maintained a business relationship with most of the debtors in the past, possibly long-term, or even you may still maintain such relationship.

Sensitivity for truly weak individuals

Behind documents and numbers there are people and families. We never forget this during the process of collection of overdue claims and for this reason we always exercise appropriate sensitivity to those who actually came to a default state not by their own fault, however without simultaneously putting your interests at risk.

Rigor against bad debtors

We are strict and rigorous with the debtors, who intentionally refuse to repay their debts, especially when they have transferred their assets to their relatives or fraudulently to third parties, in order to thwart the satisfaction of your claim. In these cases, we proceed to breach the fraudulent transaction and seizure of assets which were transferred, for the purpose of exposing them to public compulsory auction and your satisfaction from the auction proceeds.