Specialized legal support to foreign network marketing companies in Greece

Specialized legal services to MLM companies

Network marketing in Greece has flourished over the last decade. That growth can be attributed to growing familiarity with that particular professional activity and the economic crisis which urged people to find alternative or additional sources of income. Under these circumstances, more and more foreign multi-level marketing (MLM) companies have become interested in expanding into the Greek market. Domestic network companies offer their customers and distributors new innovative products and services. Although there is no official data, it’s estimated that over 800.000 people in Greece are involved with MLM.

Our law office is experienced not only in setting up local entities in Greek territory for foreign companies, but also in providing already established network marketing companies with quality legal services at affordable prices. Our superior knowledge of direct sales marketing terminology (“binary compensation plan,” “downline,” “group volume,” “personal sales volume,” etc.) creates a standard vocabulary for MLM business communication. Standard terminology ensures a common understanding of MLM client issues. Our fluency in English, Greek, and Russian attracts clients from the U.S.A. and the Russian Federation. Our close relationship with distributors and companies affords us a comprehensive view of the Greek MLM market at any time, enabling us to determine whether your investment will have a positive ROI. We offer the following services:

First step - Legitimacy check

We check the compliance of your products and services with the Greek legislation and obtain the necessary licenses. Once we know your business can operate legally, we move to...

Second step – Local entity establishment

We find the most suitable premises that meets the needs of your business. We negotiate lease terms and draw up the rental agreement. By declaring the leased property as a registered office of your business, we can choose the most appropriate legal form and move on to setting up the company. Then, we will register your company to the General Electronic Commercial Registry.

Third step - Legal support

We provide legal counsel on a wide range of business matters, including import-export of products and services, staff hiring, drafting agreements, debt collection, etc., during your company’s operation.

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