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The greek words for "update", "personal bankruptcy law" and the date "30.06.2016" displayed in three-dimensional text.

Deadline extension to debtors for updating their personal records that are kept in District Courts according to the personal bankruptcy law until 30.06.2016.

Author: Athanasios Rozou
Published: 27/04/2016

We kindly inform you that according to Article 55 of the law No 4384/2016 (Government Gazette A 78/26.04.2016) the deadline that was given to debtors, who applied for adjustment of their debts under Katseli Law (Greek personal bankruptcy law), for updating their case files that are kept in the District Courts was extended until 30.06.2016. The update should be performed by the debtors who filed their applications to the Court before 19.08.2015 and their cases have not been allocated a hearing date before 30.06.2016. E.g. If a personal bankruptcy case was fixed for hearing on 01.06.2016 the applicant debtor is not obliged to update his records before that date and he will file his personal updated documents to the first-level civil Court at the time of the hearing of his case.

Please note that the failure of a debtor to update the documents of his case knowingly or recklessly until 30.06.2016 will be considered by the Court as an infringement of sincere declaration and could lead to rejection of his application for debt adjustment.

The applicants who are, according to the above, obliged to update their personal records should take action as soon as possible, because the gathering of the necessary documents, including the new detailed lists of debts by the banks and the credit institutions, takes up a significant amount of time.