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We are celebrating 8 years of online presence!

Author: Athanasios Rozou
Published: 10/04/2016

Eight years ago, in April 2008, the idea of providing legal information to Greek citizens in plain and intelligible language was born. This idea was implemented by our law office with the setup of the present website and covered a significant gap that existed until then, among the simple and static web pages of law firms that just served advertising purposes and the few websites that provided specialized legal information to justice professionals. Thus, the promotion of our law office services was combined with the provision of useful legal information, showing the way to the other websites in Greece that followed over the years.

Our law office website was the first in Greece that provided interactive online legal services. In 2010, just after the enactment of Katseli’s Law (personal bankruptcy law), we designed and published an interactive form to collect user data, which changed dynamically during its filling by the user, in order to give him different options in accordance to his selections. Upon submission, the form automatically calculated the amounts that the debtor should pay to his creditors to pay them off, according to the Greek personal bankruptcy law, and the total amount that should pay for the rescue of his primary residence from the auction. At the end of 2015 the form was removed, because we felt that that method was obsolete.

Since the beginning of 2016 we are planning the next day of our web presence with new generation online legal services that go beyond a simple configuration of a form, which other websites promote today as something new. Soon we will publish a new set of truly interactive and innovative tools to provide online legal services that our clients / visitors may use to obtain answers to critical legal issues that concern them, and carry out their legal affairs.
None of the above would have been achieved without your trust and support over the years. You, who raised our page high in rankings and honored us with your trust, are the pillars of this effort.

Thank you!

Rozou and Associates Law Firm

Our Firm is located in Thessaloniki, Greece. We serve the districts of Macedonia and Attica (Athens). Our Mutual Consent Divorce service is provided countrywide.