Acceptance of our privacy policy in the communication with our office through the website.

Author: Athanasios Rozou
Published: 09/04/2016

Two additional elements were added to every form of our website, whereby the user accepts our privacy policy and consents to the process of the data that was submitted through the form. In this way, the communication process with our law office through the present website fully complies with the Greek and EU legislation on the processing of personal data. In particular, our privacy policy appears in a textbox and just below that textbox we inserted a checkbox, which becomes selectable only if the user scrolls the bar of the textbox to the bottom. After the user has performed that action (scrolling of bar to the bottom) its thereby assumed that he has read the privacy policy then he can tick the checkbox to confirm its acceptance. Only after that acceptance of the privacy policy the user can submit the form.

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