Karina Pogkosian

Karina PogkosianI was born in 1978 to a Greek mother and Armenian father in Krasnodar, Russia. At 16 years old, I attended school in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania USA as an international exchange student.

I graduated with scores of “excellence” (a score of 19,7 after exams, corresponding to the Greek rating system) and entered Kuban State Medical University.

In 2001, I visited Greece and took temporary employment in the tourism industry where I met my husband. I left my studies in medicine and made my permanent home in Greece.

In 2004, I enrolled in the Law School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, graduating in 2009 with a degree score of 7,4 (“very good”).

In 2011, I completed practice as a trainee lawyer and registered with the Bar Association of Thessaloniki. Since then, I have worked in cooperation with my husband, Anthanasios Rozou, also a lawyer in our legal practice.

In addition to my legal experience, I speak and write Russian and Greek with native fluency and I am proficient in English, too. My skills include problem solving of Greek diaspora in the Russian Federation. I provide legal support to Russian businesses with export activity to Greece and to Greek businesses that export to Russia.

I strive to improve the everyday life of the people around me, encompassing family members, friends, and clients. Part of that effort entails a belief that we should set challenging goals for ourselves and concentrate on developing our skills and positive traits to achieve them.

  • Buy real estate in Greek in law prices.
  • Establish a branch of your business in Greece.
  • Export your products from Asia to the EU through Greece.

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