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Our Code of Principles

We Follow a Strict Code of Principals Towards Our Clients

As part of our business, we have adopted the following values and principles that we follow unswervingly. In particular, we believe that the client should:

  • be able to have an appointment with the lawyer ASAP. The client's problem can’t wait.
  • be regularly informed of the progress of his case and whenever he so wishes. We inform our clients via email in any stage of their case.
  • be informed about his case in plain and intelligible language.
  • have the respect and full attention of the lawyer, irrespective of the importance of his case. All our clients' affairs are important to us.
  • know the absolute truth about his case, even if it’s not pleasing.
  • make decisions on his case, taking into consideration all relevant factors and available options given by his lawyer.
  • enjoy the right of professional secrecy. Our office will never share the details of your case with a third party or be disloyal towards you.
  • express his complaints so we can improve our services.
  • be provided with quality services at fair prices.
  • has his case handled immediately. The client’s papers can’t be left unstudied on the edge of the office desk for weeks or months.