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Sharing Economy in Greece

More Articles

  • Tax Evasion in Greece
    January 04, 2017

    Fighting tax evasion in Greece: From citizens on patrol to a lottery

    Tax consciousness has never been a virtue of contemporary Greeks. Businesses and individuals prefer tax avoidance and evasion, especially with the great tolerance shown by government and society. Over the years, this has led to a vicious cycle of increasing taxation and tax evasion with regard to public finance. VAT on most products and services has been raised to 24%; corporate tax for companies and sole proprietorships has been set to 29% and 26%, respectively; and, according to the latest social insurance system reform that has taken effect since 01.01.2017, self-employed individuals are directed to pay a social insurance tax of around 30% on their net income as well as an annual self-employment tax of 650,00 euros. This situation has placed a strain on legitimate businesses, which must spend over 80% - 90% of their profit on taxes. For most businesses…
  • Animal footsteps outside a house
    October 28, 2016

    A guide for pet owners to renting a home in Greece

    Renting an apartment or even a detached house is a permanent headache for pet owners in Greece. Tenants usually conceal their pet ownership from landlords due to simple negligence or fear of rejection of their tenancy application. Later, if residents complain to the landlord about pets in the tenanted apartment, the landlord may be surprised and break the lease.
A Greek house
July 15, 2016

The tenant's rights in Greece after the purchase of the tenanted property by a new landlord

The transfer of ownership of a tenanted property is not rare. Especially, if the purchased property serves as a residence, the new landlord usually aims for his own occupancy of the property rather than its tenancy. This is the reason why the change of the landlord constitutes the greatest concern of the tenant. Immediately after purchasing the property, the new owner usually pursues the eviction of the tenant for personal occupancy. However, the Greek legislator has provided for the protection of the tenant, specifying the conditions of his residence in the property, even after the change of the owner.
Alternative therapies: bioresonance, herbal medicine, homeopathy, reflexology, acupuncture
June 27, 2016

The medical malpractice liability of doctors who practice alternative medicine in Greece

Reports are occasionally published in the media, relating to the issue of judicial decisions relating to medical liability issues. Patients, to whom, bodily harm was caused, or to their relatives, in case of death due to medical error, make legal action against the responsible doctors, requesting on one hand their criminal and disciplinary punishment and on the other hand receiving compensation for the damage caused to them.
A greek house protected under a glass dome
February 25, 2016

The legal protection of the primary residence in Greece in the years of the financial crisis

The Greek financial crisis, which was officially acknowledged by the announcement of Prime Minister George Papandreou in Kastelorizo on April 23, 2010 to appeal to the European support mechanism and was ratified on May 6, 2010 with the adoption of the first memorandum by the Greek Parliament, made it imperative to protect the family home from auction and liquidation to pay off the creditors of Greek households, the vast majority of which are banks and credit institutions.
Inhabitants per lawyer in Europe
February 17, 2016

Overpopulation of lawyers in Greece and rest of Europe: myths vs reality

As the economic crisis in Greece deepens, also affecting, among other professional groups, the lawyers, there are increasing voices, which put the blame for this situation on their particularly high number in relation to the general population. The proponents of this view mostly request for the tightening of criteria for the granting of license to practice the legal profession, and the conditions of its conservation. At the same time, speculations are intensifying that Greece has the most lawyers in the world, that in all the other countries lawyers are much fewer and hence better paid, as the prices of services are maintained at high levels due to reduced competition.
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