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A pregnant employee in Greece

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Estate Agents in Greece

How to become an Estate Agent in Greece

In transactions of real property, sellers and buyers try to avoid using real estate agents due to the burden of the agent’s fees, especially in association with high-value properties. However, the estate agent’s integral role in property contracts is indisputable. His contribution to the sales…

Ritual slaughter

Ritual Slaughter in Greece and the EU

The necessary complementary measures for the implementation of Council Regulation (EC) No. 1099/2009 are defined by Greek Joint Ministerial Decision 951/44337/2017 (Government Gazette 1447 / Β / 27.04.2017), with regard to the ritual slaughter of animals in slaughterhouses. This JMC regulation has…

Sharing Economy in Greece

Greek ‘sharing economy’ accommodates tourists

The building boom of recent decades combined with migration and de-urbanization resulted in an increase of vacant apartments in cities and the oversupply of rental properties for lease at low rates. Difficulty in leasing plus overtaxation of real estate forced private owners to either sell or…

Tax Evasion in Greece

Fighting tax evasion in Greece: From citizens on patrol to a lottery

Tax consciousness has never been a virtue of contemporary Greeks. Businesses and individuals prefer tax avoidance and evasion, especially with the great tolerance shown by government and society. Over the years, this has led to a vicious cycle of increasing taxation and tax evasion with regard to…

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